“You’ll be charmed.”
- Shannon Mullen, Asbury Park Press

At the center of the sleepy cross-roads, 17th century village
of Wall, New Jersey, known as Allenwood
sits the Allenwood General Store.

Operated since 1972 by the Herbert family, John and June Herbert purchased
the building from the estate of the Feimster family who had operated a country
store on the site since 1925. The original Allenwood General Store which was
last operated by the Kell family just 100 yards up the road (see photo) closed
in the last 1960s. According to the Old Wall Historical Society, a general store
has operated on or near that site since at least the 1850s when postmaster
Thomas Allen, a descendent of one of the villages’ original settlers, was behind
the counter. The Herbert’s, after determining that the name was available for
use, reestablished the inside back to an old general store atmosphere and
mounted a new Allenwood General Store sign over the front door. The original black and white is mounted on a wall in the store where it serves as a reminder
of “those who have come before.” Today, Jeffery Herbert, the Herbert’s
youngest son, is the proprietor behind the counter.